Welcome to the Building Better Developers Learning Portal. We want to provide all of the content created over the years in a format that is easier to navigate and track. That is the genesis for this site. Also, we want to take your learning to the next level. There are full classes and series you can use to improve your skills and advance your career.

Note that signing up for this site provides you access to classes. However, you will still need to enroll in specific courses and products to access the content. Once you have registered for a class you will be able to go through it as many times as you desire, download related items, and earn a certificate of completion.

"How To" Tutorials

Sometimes we need a quick tutorial or "how to" that kick-starts our progress. Likewise, a good reference or refresher helps us focus on work rather than remembering details for a rare task. So we offer (often free) short classes that get you productive quickly.

Improve Your Business Skills

The best developers are far more than technicians. They understand business and use that knowledge to provide better solutions. We have classes that help you with your start-up, side hustle, or established company. These are a way to help your customers or yourself do things better and build a business.

Series And Boot Camps

Some topics require more than a quick presentation or lecture. We cover these through "bite-sized" lectures in a series. They can be pure content, but often we incorporate a product or project as part of them. You can build while you learn and earn more than a simple certificate.