Not to be confused with SDLC

If you are new to software development or an old pro, chances are you have heard of SDLC and how testing is handled in software development. In SDLC, testing is only conducted in one section of the development cycle.

The Software Test Life Cycle plays a crucial role in how companies and developers test their software because it covers the entire development process, not just one phase.

Unfortunately, most of the concepts are not followed or overlooked altogether. 

Who should take this course

We designed this course for people who genuinely want to understand the ins and outs of software testing and take the necessary steps to ensure that your software is adequately tested.

Bogged down with BUGS and DEFECTS?

Just like SDLC the STLC is designed to improve the development or in this case the testing cycles of your software. Instead of applying testing in the middle of the process, STLC is applied to the development process as a whole reducing the number of BUGS and DEFECTS improving release times.

Confused about testing in general?

If you are confused about where to begin with testing, that's ok. I have spent the last decade learning about all the best practices with testing, and it all beings with understanding the STLC. If you start on a solid foundation with the STLC, then you are sure to succeed in your testing endeavors.

Need Help figuring out where to begin?

If you haven't yet, start by taking this course. Then check out our other classes to jump-start your path to becoming a better developer or tester.

The Develpreneur Approach

Building Better Developers

Good developers and software come from foundational knowledge and steady improvement. However, there is far more to crafting a solution than simply writing code. Therefore, we explore a broad range of technical and business topics to help our community become well-rounded and highly knowledgeable about best serving their employers and customers.