Understand Software Development

Software Development is a complex undertaking. However, we take common steps, whether building an enterprise system or a one-off script.

The Software Development Life Cycle helps us repeat successes and avoid mistakes from past efforts. It is also the launching pad for common approaches to development like the Waterfall approach and the typical modern approach of Agile.

Consider this your starting point for a better understanding of software development whether you write code, manage developers, or need a business solution created.

This course will help you with your current and future projects by understanding the concepts of software creation.

  • What are "requirements?" Why are they important, and how do we define them?
  • How does an application get built?
  • What do we do to ensure a high-quality product?
  • How does the product get to users?
  • What steps do I need to take to build a software solution?

The Develpreneur Approach

Building Better Developers

Good developers and software come from foundational knowledge and steady improvement. However, there is far more to crafting a solution than simply writing code. Therefore, we explore a broad range of technical and business topics to help our community become well-rounded and highly knowledgeable about best serving their employers and customers.