What Is Agile?

Agile Is Your Key To Building Better Software

Our goal is to build better developers, including those they work with. This course can help whether you are a product owner, a developer, new to agile, or in the middle of a project. This helps you quickly get a much better understanding of Agile and how it is used to build solutions. We answer these common questions.

What Is Agile?
What is Kanban?
How does Scrum help us build better software?
How do we "Do" agile?
What is required for us to make the most of this methodology?

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The Develpreneur Approach

Building Better Developers

We believe that good developers and good software come from foundational knowledge and steady improvement. There is far more to crafting a solution than simply writing code. Therefore, we explore a broad range of technical and business topics to help our community become well-rounded and highly knowledgeable about how to best serve their employers and customers.